Anonymous: how did you met your girlfriend and does it work cuz im wondering she is yazidi and you alevi i always thought yazidi girls are not allowed to be in a relationship or marry a guy from another religion ?

Yes thats true. Well, we were friends. I was the only boy who wasn’t a part of her family and had contact with her. Someday I realized there was more, but I didn’t tell her because I knew I wouldn’t have any chance not only because I’m Alevi, also because I knew she would give me the brush-off. She was that kind of girl who didn’t believe she would find that special person one day. She hated the men of today, well she still does. But someday I told it her because she was perfect for me even though I’m very picky. And surprise surprise she felt the same. We feel like we’ve been best friends our whole life, it feels like coming home. At the beginning it was all secretly. Her family didn’t know anything about it. My family accepted her. Later she told her aunts about me. They accepted me. Then some months later she told it her mother that there is someone she loves. Her mother knew that it was me, because one year before that my girl mentioned me when I was in Rojava. So later my gf was eavesdropping on a conversation between her mother and her father. They talked about Yazidi and Alevis. And they both would accept it if their children would marry an Alevi because they’re similar to Yazidi. 

Anonymous: Can you please explain more about alevism?

What do you want to know?

The Turkish media ridicule on the self-produced tanks of the Kurdish people’s defense units YPG. They forget that 49 Turkish state officials are still in captivity of IS/ISIS. The “second strongest” force of Turkey can not free their own citizens. They can’t destroy (despite great technology and equipment!) a guerrilla movement for 40 years.